Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christian Love for Amanda Todd?

I just watched the Amanda Todd video, and I have one question:

Where were all the Christians?

It may be an ironic question for a home-educator to ask.  I've been accused of abandoning the public school system, and kids like Amanda Todd, who need to be befriended by my kids.  So maybe I have no right to ask.  But not every Christian homeschools.  There are still lots of Christians in the public school system.  Many tell me that they wouldn't homeschool because they want their children to be "salt and light" in the public schools.  So, where was the salt and light in Amanda Todd's life?

This scenario hits a little close to home because my own mother experienced extreme bullying and shunning in Junior High.  Between the horrible school life and the horrible home life, she tried to commit suicide as well.  Fortunately, by the grace of God, her attempts failed, or else I wouldn't be typing now.

I've often wondered, where were the Christians when my mom was alienated and ostrasized by the entire school?  Was there not a single believer in that California school back in the early sixties?  I'm confident that there had to be at least one.  Why didn't anyone stand against the bullying and befriend my mom?  And if I, or one of my kids, had been in that school, at that time, would we have extended friendship, or we would we have cowardly joined the crowd, not daring to go against the majority?

What would Jesus do is a pithy saying that gets bandied about quite frequently these days.  I don't think anyone needs to ask WWJD? with regard to Amanda Todd or the others she represents.  I just think we need to do it.  Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost.  Jesus came to give His life out of love.  Jesus came to challenge the religious leaders of the day who were so consumed with their rules and selves that they had lost all compassion for the hurting, broken, and dying. Jesus came to offer true love, abundant joy, forgiveness of sin, lasting peace, salvation, a Comforter, and power to live a righteous life. 

The question we need to ask ourselves is, "Am I more like a Pharisee or more like Jesus?"  The question that immediately follows for parents is, "Am I raising little Pharisees, or am I raising kids who will boldly and courageously share Jesus' love with the least of these, the untouchables, the outcasts, the wounded,  the hurting, the abused, the ones who are cutting and turning to drugs and alcohol to escape?"

God preserved my mom's life, and in 1970, a Christian girl prayed that she could touch the life of one person during her summer break.  That person was my mom.  The family of that girl loved my mom to the Lord.  They took her in.  They were like Jesus. 

Are you bold enough to pray that prayer as well?  Are you willing to allow God  to use you to save the life of another?  Are you raising your kids to have that heart for the lost?  Are your eyes open to the Amanda Todds of this world?

Amanda Todd said, "I have nobody.  I need somebody."
There are so many more like her who are silently screaming the same. 

How will you respond? 

Grace and Peace,


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